1. Breaking Bong

So it should be pretty obvious what this blog is all about. Just in case it is not that obvious, or if you are stilling having a doubt, here is the scenic view.

This blog is Breaking Bong. Breaking as in Breaking Bad, and Bong as in, you know Bong. The sweet crystalline tower of glass that you use to smoke. That is what a Bong is. And so Breaking Bong is a pretense for Breaking Bad with Bong as an escape.

What do you imagine or think when you are high? Have you ever thought about it?

Wait. Let me ask you this. What do you think a painter or musician thinks of when they are high?

I know you are trying to conclude that they would think about painting and music and searching for inspiration.

Am I in the neighborhood of what you are thinking?

So basically, we say/know that artistic inspiration comes out in an artist with high. A grand vision of what their masterpiece would look like. And maybe their this power of realizing this inspiration to a physical manifesting is what creating art is all about. And that is what makes him or her such a great artist.

Now, what do I think of…

I think of stories. I brood over their loss and celebrate their joy.

What does that make me?

That makes me an artist for sure because I have just struck inspiration and only artists have inspiration.

But an artist of what?

A painter, a musician, a writer, a what…

So I believe a painter would have a vision of painting, musician a vision of music, a photographer a photograph, a sculptor a sculpture, and so it goes.

So what form does my vision take? Is it a painting, a piece of music, a photograph, a sculpture, a what?

Oh, I do see something. These are stories that I live. So may be a story-teller.

Now that I know this, I want to learn the craft to share it with others. And that is what this blog is all about. That is what all this is about.

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